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Learn to take control over your finances and increase your wealth

Explorador financiero | Educación financiera | Inversión pasiva | Aumentar patrimonio

Financial Education

Financial education is something that is not taught in schools. So it is highly advisable to have a series of clear financial concepts before starting to invest and thus to be able to get the most out of our money. At Explorador Financiero we explain all the necessary concepts so that you only have to apply them.

passive investing

Passive investment is characterized by having a long-term horizon and investing in index funds or ETFs. It has few commissions, it is easy to manage and it is really effective. In Financial Explorer we teach you in detail how it works so that you learn to invest well in the long term.

alternative investment

Real estate crowdlending, cryptocurrencies and P2P credits are some of the types of alternative investment and are a perfect complement to passive investment strategies. In Financial Explorer we explain each of them.

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