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MyInvestor: Analysis 2021

Robo-Advisor, Indexed Portfolios, Pension Plans

New technologies are revolutionizing many sectors of our day to day. The banking sector is not far behind, every time New companies emerge with innovative ideas and disruptive ideas. This is the case of MyInvestor, a fintech that since 2020 has been revolutionizing the world ofpassive investmentwith a wide range of indexed products from some of the most important international managers, such as iShares, Vanguard or Amundi and all with the most competitive fees on the market. 


But what is MyInvestor and what products and services does it offer in 2021? We are going to analyze it in depth and reveal all its secrets. 

Ancla 1

MyInvestor in a Fintech with headquarters in Madrid created in 2017 as a subsidiary of the Andorran bankAndBank. At the end of 2019, insurersAxa, The English Court Insurance and small 'Family offices' entered the capital of MyInvestor with 10 million Euros. AndBank continues to hold 75% of the shares of MyInvestor.

MyInvestor is defined as aneobankthat uses new technologies and the Internet to offer investment services as well as traditional banking services. Their values are based on theinnovation, thesecurityand thetransparency y have led him to win the Rankia award as the best investment fund marketer in 2020 and the Hipoteca Sin Mochila award as the best variable rate mortgage at the Rankia awards in 2019 and 2020.  

Ancla 2

This is a fundamental question when investing in an entity with which you have no previous experience.

Investing with MyInvestor is as safe as doing it through any other bank. MyInvestor acts as a bank agent for AndBank and this, in turn, is a consolidated bank. MyInvestor is authorized and supervised by theNational Stock Market Commission(No. 237), a public entity subscribed to the Ministry of Economy that ensures the protection of investors in Spain. MyInvestor also has its accounts audited by a prestigious international firm such as Deloitte.

We must take into account that MyInvestor is also attached to theInvestment Guarantee Fund (FOGAIN), whose purpose is to offer investors coverage of up to €100,000 in the event that the company enters bankruptcy proceedings. On the other hand, the current account and the securities account are covered by theDeposit Guarantee Fund (FGD)which also amounts to €100,000. In turn, pension plans are also supervised by theGeneral Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP), which guarantees the safety of this product. 

Lastly, MyInvestor works with the prestigious Inversis bank as the depository entity for the indexed portfolios. Banco Inversis SA is a banking entity subject to the supervision of the Bank of Spain and the National Securities Market Commission (nº 232). For pension plans, MyInvestor works with the branch in Spain of BNP Paribas Securities Services as depositary entity and with Merchbanc EGFP, SA as management and promoter entity.

Partners MyInvestor.jpg

MyInvestor is a safe and reliable banking and investment entity, which complies with all investor protection regulations. 

Ancla 3

MyInvestor currently offers a wide range of banking products and investment services to its clients. Here you can see graphically all its products and services in the year 2021, of which we will analyze in more detail both the Indexed Portfolios and the Pension Plans: 

Productos MyInvestor.jpg


Fixed Mortgage: MyInvestor offers one of the most competitive mortgage loans on the market, in which the TIN, the TAE and the fee do not vary throughout the life of the loan​ . Thus, you ensure that the monthly payment remains constant regardless of whether market interest rates rise or fall. Today, the APR of MyInvestor's fixed mortgages varies between 1.49% and 1.88% for 15 and 25 years respectively, it being possible to reduce this rate up to 0.20% by purchasing additional products (eg insurance).

Variable Mortgage: The variable mortgage is the traditional mortgage, where the reference is the Euribor and to which a differential is added. The Euribos is one of the official reference rates for the mortgage market published monthly by the Bank of Spain. The mortgage installment is reviewed every 12 months and currently the variable rate is calculated with Euribor + 0.89%.

However, these mortgages are not available to everyone, since the applicant(s) must have a net monthly income equal to or greater than €4,000 (individual or the sum).

Bolsa de dinero.jpg

Account 1% APR

The MyInvestor checking account is free of ties, it has no commissions, no conditions, and you do not need to direct deposit your payroll or receipts. You will also get a 1% APR during the first year up to €15,000, that is, you will get €150 for depositing €15,000 in this account for one year. Transfers within the European Union as well as credit and debit cards are free. 


Credit and debit cards

MyInvestor credit and debit cards are free, you pay nothing for issuance, maintenance and renewal. In addition, both include travel accident insurance of up to €120,000. 

Cabeza RoboAdvisor.jpg

Indexed Portfolios: Robo-Advisor

This is one of the newest products of MyInvestor, launched in the middle of 2020. With this product, MyInvestor enters the market ofRobo-Advisorsoffering the possibility of investing in automated portfolios, in which the client only has to worry about entering their money and the MyInvestor algorithms will take care of investing,to diversify and rebalance your portfolio. 

This is a product to take into account since MyInvestor currently offers the lowest commissions in the market (0.30%) together with the intrinsic costs of the funds of the chosen portfolio of a maximum of 0.15%. In other words, in total the maximum costs of the indexed portfolios do not exceed 0.45%.

fondos indexados.jpg

index funds

MyInvestor offers a sea of passively managed index funds from top fund managers such as Vanguard, Ishares, Amundi and Fidelity, among others, with low fees and no investment minimums, so you can build your own index portfolio.


Plus Funds (actively managed funds)

Active management lovers also have the possibility of investing in a large selection of the most sought-after national and international funds in the markets.

In fact, this is one of the strengths of MyInvestor, it has a 'marketplace' of funds with open architecture, which allows them to offer almost any fund, both active and passive management.

Planes de pensiones.jpg

Pension plans

The aforementioned 'marketplace' and the open architecture of MyInvestor also apply to pension plans. Through MyInvestor you can hire a multitude of pension plans from different Spanish managers. In addition, MyInvestor has two of its own pension plans that are 100% passively managed, which allows them to offer them to you with the lowest commissions in the market. These plans are fully indexed to two of the most famous equity indices in the world.

Now we are going to analyze in more detail the indexed portfolios and the pension plans that Myinvestor offers, which is what interests us the most.

Ancla 4

In mid-2020 MyInvestor began offering automatically managed index portfolios as a new investment product. Until that date, the investor could invest in a wide range of funds, both passively managed and actively managed. But it was always the investor who was in charge of choosing each of the funds in his portfolio, as well as the weighting between fixed income and variable income. In addition, the investor was in charge of rebalancing his portfolio. 


The novelty of indexed portfolios is that the investor delegates all these activities to MyInvestor. The investor performs a test to determine the risk profile and based on that risk profile, an indexed portfolio is assigned. This process is what is commonly known as aRobo-Advisor.  Throughout life, the investor's risk tolerance can change substantially, MyInvestor allows you to perform the test again to access a new risk profile and consequently a new indexed portfolio._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Ancla 5

4.1.- Main characteristics

Indexed Portfolios: Robo-Advisor
Minimum initial investment


minimum contributions


Total costs and commissions
Management fee
depository commission
Intrinsic costs of the plan

Max. 0.45%



0.13% - 0.15%

investment type

index funds

number of portfolios


Number of assets

From 7 to 9

Ancla 6

4.2.- Investment strategy

MyInvestor offers 5 automatically managed index portfolios. These index portfolios have musical names, which are in tune with the level of risk the investor is willing to take. All portfolios invest in index funds and are therefore 100% passively managed.


The funds in the index portfolios have a very gooddiversificationGlobal with majority weight in the US of variable income funds and in Europe of fixed income funds. It should be noted that all fixed income funds have a hedge (Hedge) of the different currencies with respect to the Euro. 

Below is the list of the different indexed portfolios with their weightings in fixed income and variable income as well as the exact composition of each one of the portfolios. 

Carteras indexadas MyInvestor 04.04.2021
Cartera Clásica MyInvestor.png
Composición cartera Clásica MyInvestor.p
Cartera Pop MyInvestor.png
Composición cartera Pop MyInvestor.png
Cartera Indie MyInvestor.png
Composición cartera Indie MyInvestor.png
Cartera Rock MyInvestor.png
Composición cartera Rock MyInvestor.png
Cartera Metal MyInvestor.png
Composición catera Metal MyInvestor.png
Ancla 7

As a good neobank and like many othersRobo-Advisors, MyInvestor also offerspension plans. MyInvestor has two of its own pension plans, MyInvestor Global Stock PP and MyInvestor S&P 500 PP, but it also has a fairly large marketplace with an extensive selection of many of the most popular pension plans on the Spanish scene. In said Marketplace you can find pension plans from rival platforms such as Indexa Capital's pension plans. In fact, through MyInvestor you are curious that the initial contribution to hire Indexa Capital pension plans is much lower than through the Indexa Capital platform itself. 

Below we are going to analyze in more detail the two proprietary pension plans, MyInvestor Global Stock PP and MyInvestor S&P 500 PP.

Ancla 8

5.1.- Main characteristics

Indexed pension plans
Minimum initial investment


minimum contributions


Total costs and commissions
Management fee
depository commission
Intrinsic costs of the plan





investment type

ETFs and index funds

number of portfolios


Number of assets

from 6 to 10


MyInvestor undertakes to assume any extra cost above 0.49%, so this commission can be understood as a fixed cost. 

Ancla 9

5.2.- Investment strategy

Both of MyInvestor's pension plans are 100% passively managed index pension plans. Both pension plans are basically made up ofETFs, which allows MyInvestor to offer such plans with commissions as low as 0.49%. Both plans are 100% variable income:

  • MyInvestor Global Stock PP: This pension plan replicates the behavior of the MSCI ACWI index and is globally diversified in equities from developed and emerging countries. 

  • MyInvestor S&P 500 PP: This pension plan faithfully replicates the behavior of the S&P500 index using ETFs from the most famous managers (Vanguard, iShares, Invesco, Fidelity, etc...). Its diversification is therefore reduced to the American equity market.


Below we leave you the exact composition of the two MyInvestor pension plans as well as the corresponding weightings:  

MyInvestor Global Stock PP.png
Composición MyInvestor Global Stock PP.p
MyInvestor S&P500 PP.png
Composición MyInvestor S&P500 PP.jpg
Ancla 10

Lowest commissions in the Spanish market

Both the indexed portfolios of the Robo-Advisor and the indexed pension plans have commissions that today are the cheapest in the Spanish national territory. 

Lowest minimum initial investment in the Spanish market

MyInvestor has set out to give access to the world ofpassive investment to all the world. To this end, it has eliminated the minimum investment for indexed funds, has established the minimum initial investment for indexed pension plans at €10 and €150 for the indexed portfolios of its Robo-Advisor.ohQuite a declaration of intent! 

Broker without commissions

If you are one of those who prefer to build your own portfolio, MyInvestor is also the best option for you, since it allows you to build your own portfolio of index funds from world-class managers such as iShares, Vanguard and Amundi without any type of commission, or custody, or sale, or transfer.  

open architecture

Open architecture is defined as a platform in which a financial institution offers the public as well as its clients an important range of investment products and services, both its own and those of others, both in the national and international markets without marking a preference between them. .

This is also one of the strengths of MyInvestor, the open architecture of their platform allows them to offer you not only their products but also a multitude of funds, both passively managed and actively managed. In other words: "There is something for all tastes".

Current account paid at 1%

Simply by opening your account 100%, you will have created a checking account that pays you 1% TIN/TAE for the first €15,000 during the first year without any commissions, conditions, or direct debits and without taking your payroll. What bank offers you a 1% interest account unconditionally? To date this is a unique proposition in Spain. Write us in the comments if you have a paid account without conditions.

excellent promotions

As if that were not enough, MyInvestor has some unique and unusual promotions. To begin with, it is the only investment platform that offers you a promotion for indexed pension plans. Thanks to the fact that El Corte Inglés is a member of MyInvestor, they offer you 12 free months of flat-rate El Corte Inglés Plus shipping just by contracting one of the pension plans for €10. What a bargain! 


As for the indexed pension plans, it offers you the first year without management fees (this is also offered up to a certain limit by other platforms) and also gives you €10 per friend you bring to MyInvestor, which we think is a very good promotion. original.

If you want to access the promotions, simply click on the green links:

Indexed Portfolios:

Pension plans: 

Great human team

MyInvestor may not have branches, but the question is who needs bank branches nowadays with great customer service? MyInvestor not only has a service telephone  customer service but is present in each and every one of the social networks. If you ask yourself, what is all this for? Well, the answer is "to listen to the customer".


Today a physical branch is not needed to listen to customers and more after a global pandemic. What is needed is to have a human team at the foot of the Canyon willing to listen to what customers need. They have also gone a step further by offering free financial education podcasts through Spotify or Ivoox.


MyInvestor has put a special focus on the client and it shows:  If they don't have a specific fund in their open architecture marketplace, you can simply ask them so they can study adding it. If you have a bug in the app, simply let them know so they can fix it. If the initial contribution for your Robo-Advisor is very high, then they reduce it substantially to democratize the investment.

very new products

Both the pension plans and the indexed portfolios were launched in 2020 and still do not have any type of rating such as the Morning Star Rating. There are still no comparisons of the returns of these products with those of the competition.

Accessibility limited to Spanish territory

It is logical that pension plans can only be offered to residents of Spain, but at Explorador Financiero we would applaud that both indexed portfolios and indexed funds be offered to a broader public outside of Spanish territory, as other investment platforms already do.  

Diversification of indexed pension plans

MyInvestor's own pension plans replicate variable income indices. These indexed pension plans are surely very interesting for a public Young person with a high tolerance for risk and a long-term time horizon. As the years go by, the time horizon as well as the risk profile tend to decrease. At Explorador Financiero we miss our own pension plans that mix different percentages of variable income with fixed income based on a changing risk profile over time in the same way that they are offered in indexed portfolios.

Ancla 11

In MyInvestor there are no "papers". To invest through MyInvestor it is necessary to open an account. To open an account click on thislinkif you want to benefit from the promotion of indexed portfolios and in thislinkif you want to benefit from the promotion of indexed pension plans. It is a 100% digital process that will only take a few minutes and that you can do from your smartphone, PC or tablet, as long as you have a camera, a good internet connection and if you meet the following requirements (if you do not meet any of the requirements also you can manage the registration through customer service): 

  • Unique email for you

  • Unique Spanish mobile number for you

  • IBAN of a Spanish account in which you are already the holder

  • DNI, TIE (NIE card with photo) or valid Passport

  • Spanish nationality or tax residence

Once you finish the process you will sign your contract from your mobile and you will receive an email with the details of your new account and a copy of the contract for your files. 


When you open your account, a cash account and a securities account will be created at the same time. Each one has its corresponding IBAN number. None have any cost or conditions. 

The cash account works like any checking account and your money will always be available. Just for having your money there, you will receive a remuneration of 1% TIN/TAE during the first year for the first €15,000.

The securities account is generated at the same time as the cash account and will allow you to invest in index funds, plus funds and pension plans. To activate the Robo-Advisor and invest in indexed portfolios you will have to open a new exclusive account for this product. 

Ancla 12

ohIt's not just a Robo-Advisor, it's a neobank! Comparing MyInvestor with other investment platforms is like comparing apples with pears. MyInvestor is much more than a Robo-Advisor. It offers the services and products of all Robo-Advisors to which it adds broker services plus the classic banking products of any ordinary bank. 

In MyInvestor's products, which can be compared with other investment platforms (indexed portfolios and indexed pension plans), they come out very well, offering greatdiversificationwith the lowest commissions in the entire market and an almost non-existent minimum initial investment. Here it can be glimpsed that the MyInvestor strategy is a strategy based on user volume rather than on maximizing profit. 

MyInvestor makes it possible for anyone, regardless of their income level, to enter the world of passive investing through index portfolios, index funds or index pension plans.   

MyInvestor is on its way to becoming a neobank benchmark in Spain and we hope that in the future it will also go beyond Spanish borders, at least for certain products. 

So far our analysis of MyInvestor. We would like to hear your opinion about this neobank. Are you their client? What has been your experience with them? 

Feel free to comment! Your opinion interests us 😊

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